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ABOUT Haus of Deni Lene

Here at Haus of Déni Lené, the mission is to bring your vision of love to life. In a word, we are obsessed. Obsessed with showing the true you in your event, obsessed with style, and obsessed with love. We are also obsessed with budgets and timelines but those are less glamorous to talk about. We know memories are created, even with the smallest details. So it’s our team’s greatest pleasure to guide everyone from bride and groom to parents-to-be to corporate teams through the process of creating an unforgettable event.

Deni Lene
owner + planner

Hometown: Austin, Texas
Sign: Taurus
Style: Classy, Chic, Relaxed
Favorite Color: Blue/Teal
Favorite Quote: ...

Coming from a large family and lot of friends, creating new ways to gather has become second nature to the owner of Haus of Déni Lené. With nearly a decade of event planning, Déni Lené brings an unparalleled range of experience, education, and personality to each and every event. Her eight years of experience in the banking business, with direct customer relations, have laid the foundation for her passion in providing superb customer service.

Déni Lené promised herself she would always follow the passion for her work, not just a pay check. Constantly striving to top her last event is her motivation; she truly loves what she does and would not change it for the world. What started out as a dream has now become a reality. Haus of Déni Lené is not only her career but her life.

When Déni Lené has a little free time you can find her with her husband and daughters, traveling, snuggling with her adorable giant schnoodle, or searching for the next great restaurant.

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